Loan Programs


Every borrower has a unique set of requirements that require a conversation between you and your lender to determine the best loan program to suit your needs. Whether you are purchasing a home for the first time, refinancing to consolidate debts or buying rental property as investment, Doug Bullwinkel will be there, with you, to provide the best options for your individual situation.

As a direct lender, Envoy Mortgage can offer you a complete menu of loan options. We are a direct seller to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginny Mae, the secondary market sources of Conventional, VA and FHA Home Mortgages, thus eliminating the middle man or mortgage broker. We also fund loans for State and Local Bond Financing Programs offering Down Payment Assistance.

Here are some examples:

*Conventional Loans

First Mortgages offering Fixed and Adjustable Interest Rates. These loans usually have slightly higher credit and down payment requirements than VA or FHA loans. The loan limits are set per county based on average purchase price in each area. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 or email for Details.

*Jumbo Loans

First Mortgages offering Fixed and Adjustable Interest Rates with loan limits above the Conforming Loan Limits of Conventional Loans. These investors are Private Investors, Banks and Wall Street based firms. Qualifying standards for these loans are usually more restrictive with higher credit standards. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 or email for Details.

*FHA Loans

One of the most popular loan programs for home purchases. The main advantages are low down payments, fixed or adjustable rates, and more lenient credit and income requirements than most conventional loans. Down payment and closing costs be gifted by a family member and Down Payment Assistance Programs are available with most FHA Loans. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 or email for Details.

*VA Loans

If you are an Eligible Veteran or Service Member, a VA Home Mortgage might be an excellent option! The VA Home Loan is a Benefit that is earned by your Honorable Military Service. No Down Payment is required, provided the veteran is credit and income-qualified, and the purchase price is not more than the reasonable value of the property and within county loan limits. Larger loan amounts are available with minimum down payments. Other benefits include No Mortgage Insurance and more lenient credit and income requirements. Veterans with Service Related Disabilities get additional savings. Doug Bullwinkel is a Former Marine Corps Combat Veteran and understands the needs of fellow veterans. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 or email for Details.

*USDA Home Loans

Envoy Mortgage offers the USDA Home loan program for low-to-moderate income homebuyers wanting to buy a home in a rural development area. USDA Home Loans are very affordable and they are backed by the Federal Government. Qualified participants must purchase a home in an eligible rural area as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and have a household income that does not exceed the published limits for the county where the home is located. No Down Payment is required and there is No Mortgage Insurance, but there is an Annual Guarantee Fee included in the monthly payment. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 or email for Details.

*Down Payment Assistance Programs


Envoy Mortgage offers several Down Payment Assistance Programs including CalHFA (California Housing Finance Agency) loans that can finance your down payment and most closing costs. Income and purchase limits will apply for the area you are purchasing in and loans may be restricted to First Time Buyers. GSFA (Golden State Finance Authority) Loan Programs are also available. These funds may be used towards your down payment and closing costs and MAY BE FORGIVEN AFTER THREE YEARS OF OWNERSHIP. The GSFA Program DOES NOT require you to be a first time buyer to be eligible. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 or email for Details.

*Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance

Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI) eliminates the need for monthly mortgage insurance payments when you have less than the minimum down payment required. With Lender Paid MI, there is a Lump Sum, up front, thus your monthly payment will not be required to include the MI. This can be paid by the lender by building the premium into your rate, having the buyer pay the single premium or it can be split between the lender and borrower. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 or email for Details.

*Reverse Mortgages

If you are 62 years or older, the REVERSE MORTAGE OPTION can give you the ability to convert some of your home equity into a supplemental cash flow. These loans are not for everybody, but they can enhance your retirement and may be the solution you have been looking for. No Monthly Payment but you are still responsible for the property taxes, insurance and the general maintenance on the home. Please Note: the information on this website is based on an FHA HECM (Federal Housing Administration Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) mortgage product, which is a type of mortgage loan. There are fees associated with this loan as well as compounding interest. The loan is not a government benefit and must be repaid. There is no guarantee of financial security, and the consumer is responsible to pay the property taxes, homeowners insurance, and property maintenance fees independent of the loan, which can be a significant cost. The consumer faces a risk of foreclosure if they do not meet these obligations. For more information about the FHA HECM reverse mortgage product visit  CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910  or email for Details.

*RESTRICTIONS APPLY – All loans subject to credit, income, appraisal and other requirements. Rates, Fees and Program terms are subject to change without prior notice. Down payment assistance offered through California Housing Finance Agency. Loans made available through Golden State Finance Authority, A California Non-Profit Agency. CALL DOUG BULLWINKEL AT (800) 636-8910 for Current Program Details and Guidelines.